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Why Donate?

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

We are asking for donations because our reform initiative will entail logistical and legal expenses totaling thousands of dollars. We expect to have to go head-to-head with the Board, which can access the full financial resources of the Association to fight the reforms. If many of our neighbors will pitch in even a little, it will make a great difference.

We pledge to use all donations for operational expenses. Our mantra is transparency and accountability, and will we hold ourselves to the same high standards that we ask of the Board. When our work is done and the reforms are in place, we will donate any funds remaining in the account directly to the Foothills Community Association.

Our campaign to strengthen the management of the Foothills Community Association will not be easy or inexpensive. In order to increase the awareness and participation of the homeowners and to promote common-sense reforms, we will have to mount a serious media and grassroots effort. We will also require legal assistance to ensure our reforms are letter-perfect and conform with all relevant laws and regulations. Unfortunately, we also may need to file a civil action for the Board to accept the reform package we propose, even if it receives widespread support among the Association’s members.

We need your donations to help pay for these outreach efforts and for legal assistance.

The Board of course can tap all the assets of the Association to resist this initiative. It could use the Association’s funds (the dues we all pay) for its lawyers to fight a civil action.

If you believe as we do that our Association deserves a Board that is transparent and accountable and which serves the interests of us homeowners, please donate to help us with the reform initiative!

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