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Petition Forms

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

We need 1,300 signatures (25% of the members) to call a special meeting to amend our HOA bylaws and enact much-needed reforms. The petition may be signed by anyone owning property in The Foothills. If multiple people (e.g., spouses) own one property, only one owner can sign. If you own multiple properties, you can sign multiple times, once for each property (use the multiple signature form below). You can also use the multiple signature form to gather signatures from your neighbors.

Download one of the petition forms below, sign it, then scan it or take a picture of it, and email it to Thank you for your support!

More Information

An executive summary of the proposed bylaw amendments is shown below. Please note signing the petition means that you want a special meeting to be held to vote on these bylaw amendments. Please sign the petition to allow this vote to take place.

  1. Procurement: Require a written policy on procurement that conforms with all relevant regulations of Arizona State and local governmental authorities and adheres to industry ‘best practices’ standards.

  2. Elections: Require a written policy on elections that includes: i) a meeting of the Members at least 30 days before the election at which candidates may appear and explain their background and goals; and ii) a requirement that candidates disclose whether they reside within the FCA, and any prior bankruptcies, judgments, or felony convictions.

  3. Electronic Voting: Require electronic voting for all elections and remove references to proxy voting (banned by Arizona statute).

  4. Bylaw Updates: Require an annual review of the Bylaws and update to reflect changes in laws.

  5. Term Limits: Require Board members to serve no more than two consecutive terms (4 years), then take a year off before running again.

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