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Foothills Bylaw Reform will Benefit all Homeowners

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

This letter to the editor is reprinted from the Ahwatukee Foothills News, July 1, 2020.

Author: Rob Doherty

The Foothills Community Association HOA will conduct a vote during July on reforms for the HOA. All HOA members will receive ballots in the mail soon. Members will be able to vote online or return their ballots by mail, and instructions for both voting methods will be included with the ballot.

Please take a few moments and vote. I urge you to vote “APPROVE” on the reform package.

It is essential for all Foothills homeowners to vote. There are several real estate corporations that control large blocks of votes within the HOA and, in the past, they have dominated the HOA voting process. If we, the homeowners, can come together and “APPROVE” these reforms, we can ensure that our voices will prevail.

These HOA reforms have been put forth as a part of a grassroots effort by Foothills homeowners to ensure transparency and accountability, and to better align the HOA with the interests of the homeowners. Two of the most important reforms are: 1) term limits for board directors, and 2) board candidate disclosures.

Term limits are needed to ensure that new ideas and perspectives are periodically introduced into the board and its management of the HOA. We currently have multiple board directors who have served for more than a dozen years in leadership roles. We need fresh leadership every four years to consider new approaches to solving problems. For example, there may be other HOA vendors and service providers who would do a better job if given the chance by new board leadership.

Candidate disclosures will allow homeowners to make well-informed voting decisions about who should manage nearly $2 million of our HOA dues every year. Candidates will be required to disclose bankruptcies, judgments, and felonies before they run for a board director position. This reform will not prohibit someone with this history from running for the board, rather, it only requires candidates to disclose this information to voters before the election instead of after (The state already requires directors to disclose bankruptcies and judgments after they are elected).

The remaining reforms cover three other areas: procurement policy, a requirement to remove outdated items from our Bylaws on an annual basis, and electronic voting.

All of the reforms are common-sense improvements, and all are greatly needed.

Please vote “APPROVE” on these reforms. It only takes a few minutes for your voice, as a homeowner, to be heard. Together we can lead the HOA in a more positive direction.

More information can be found at

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