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Michael Warren Candidate Statement

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

My name is Michael Warren and I have submitted an application as a candidate for the Foothills Community Association Board of Directors. I trust that you have reviewed the brief Bio I submitted with my application. I would however like to give you better insight into my motivation for seeking this opportunity. You see, I love this community. I realize that this might sound a little much but it is true.

I moved to Arizona in 1998 as a result of a company relocation from New England, a place where a sense of community is very strong. I did not expect to find anything like that in Arizona.

As an executive with my firm I was pointed toward Scottsdale for my home search. The feeling of community was just not there. A friend told me about Ahwatukee ( “the world’s largest cul-de-sac”). A few visits later and a few conversations with folks I met at the supermarket, restaurants and yes a few local drinking establishments, I knew I had found just what I was looking for.

After building my first home on the Club West Golf Course and getting to know my neighbors, it confirmed that I had found my “community.“ Forced to move from the golf course, I was not going to even consider any place other then Ahwatukee. I moved just down the road to Cabrillo Canyon.

Ahwatukee is my home and I am invested in making sure that it remain a beautiful, welcoming community. You can trust I will always have the best interest of the homeowners and the greater community in mind on all matters placed before the Board of Directors. I will always seek the input from you and I will always listen.

Please give my candidacy your consideration.